"It's been a couple of days since I had my distance energy healing session with Victoria and I still feel amazing. Right from the onset, I felt things moving deep within and I was shocked that it was working. She nailed it!!! I am starting to feel the clouds part and a new sense of clarity and energy emerge. I'm incredibly excited about my future and will return to Victoria to help me along the way! I will make sure I keep these sessions going!

Victoria is truly amazing, gifted and well studied. The session was very comfortable and relaxing. The after feelings are awesome and long lasting. I went in for Energy healing and received so much more than I expected. Thank you Victoria!!!!" ❤️

"Victoria has incredible psychic power. She was able to communicate with a friend of mine who passed away and send me messages from the other side. She could not have known the types of things that came through from him without psychic abilities." John
"Victoria has an amazing, beautiful gift. Several years ago she did a distance reading for me and connected with 5 different family members who had passed. The messages and communications were subtle and sweet and revealed things she never could have known. I was left with such a feeling of peace, and gratitude for her gift. After the reading she followed up with a detailed email of what she’d told me, which was wonderful because I never would have remembered all the details. Victoria has also amazed me with her Reiki and distance healing. I highly recommend her services!!! " Donna

"Victoria has helped me tremendously with her intuitive stories and reiki! The minute you talk to her, you can feel her strong Spiritual connection and presence! 
I highly recommend contacting Victoria if you need any assistance in connecting with your Divine or if you need some reiki energy healing! Near or far...Victoria can help you with whatever you need Spiritually!!" Lisa

"I’ve been working with Victoria for many years and I’m pretty sure I’ve been lucky enough to experience each one of her gifts. I️ wish I️ could put into words the warmth and love she radiates...my favorite Victoria moment was a few years ago she told me the answer would eventually just come to me. Which wasn’t what I️ wanted to hear at all. The next day I️ was moping my floor and it was as clear as day. Not exactly what I️ was hoping for but it was the answer non the less. The best thing anyone can do for themselves is have one session with Victoria...it’s always a surprise as to where it will lead you!" Stacy 

"After connecting with Victoria through doTERRA Essential Oils and joining her oils team I have had the pleasure of learning more about her gentile soul and nature of caring for and healing others. Recently I have been going through some changes in my own life and even have had some reoccurring dreams and Victoria suggested a distance session. Wow was it spot on for what I needed or I didn't know I needed. Her beautiful voice and calm manner in sharing her messages gave me such comfort for what I need in my life right now. I would suggest everyone in need of soul healing/ guidance to connect with Victoria to support what your soul needs right now."  <3 Victoria B.

"My son and daughter throughly enjoy WEIRD class with Victoria.  They look forward to expressing themselves in the safe and nurturing space Victoria creates.  My children are pretty sensitive and empathic and they Love spending time with Victoria.  I trust my kiddos judgement and I trust Victoria."

Victoria is one of the first people to assist me in connecting with my precious angel... my daughter. She gave me a beautiful gift and helped me with my healing process and I will never forget it. Thank you Victoria
Jackie Pecora

Victoria is an angel on earth! I met Victoria 5 years ago in Virginia at a Women's Retreat. I still have the notes I took and still go back and re-read. Words can't describe what a blessing this woman is. Very genuine and loving. Thank you for what you do! Words can't describe.

"I spoke with my parents and passed the information to them. We all cried. But we are very thankful that my brother is in peace.
My healing session with you was more that what I have expected. I was in peace and calm. I'm glad you were able to record the healing session so I can listen to it at anytime. I wish I would be able to speak with my brother directly and I could ask him questions why? Or what happened that day? But unfortunately I do not have your gift to connect with people's souls. I wanted to thank you for the healing session and connecting with my brother. You are a wonderful person with a beautiful soul. You have a great gift to heal and help people that have lost someone close to them. Even though you did not know my family or my brother, most of the messages you gave us made sense and I know it had to be my brother. He was such an amazing, handsome guy who would make anyone laugh . It is too sad that he had to leave this world so young. 
Thank you for everything that you have done for me and my family."

“Take time for YOU! You are so worth it!*
Today during meditation I started seeing very vibrant colors, pale yellows, romantic pinks, oranges etc. when i opened my eyes i was looking right out the window at the most beautiful blue sky with puffy clouds- so beautiful- i laid there for a while longer. My soul journal entry just flowed!! I could see my family and got the best feeling of achievement- is totally attainable! I don't ever want to stop!! I had cut ME out of just about everything I was doing- work, mother, wife very robotic.. .I thought I didn't have the time... Shame on me- ignorance. I forgive me and I'm glad I made the time for me, Victoria! You are gifted and so many people need this light in their life!" Sarah

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