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Thank you Victoria, not just for soul camp, but for everyday that your presence is with me in healing, your intuitiveness, and everything you do. I could not have gotten thru this ordeal without you. 
Thank you for being a part of my healing spiritual life!!!!!!!


A gift in yourself : $75 2018 price.
Of course I always have a sliding scale and no one will be turned away! 

Thank you♥! I think the writing is most healing part of the process ,this morning I am grateful for you,sharing your gifts with us in a meaningful attainable,affordable way.Soul Camp has given me the opportunity to get to work in what Really Matters....sharing our gifts our Unique Soulful Gifts.....Why? Because it matters! People need this,I have something to share and it is meaningful & important! This morning,I felt the blocks in my heart Chakra, I felt the need to clean it out. I now "see" much clearer because of the work I am doing with you & the Chakra Series I am taking. Thank you Victoria,I am spreading the word for you because it is important work that you are doing ♥ Namaste.

Spirit Tree Wellness presents SOUL CAMP!

21-day days of soul activities and adventures!
New one begins January 2018 
Hosted and run by ME, Soul Counselor V!
Each day we will nurture and spark the reconnection
to the part of you that is Divine Love; the part of you that brings you to peace, balance, and joy! We will use our spiritual tools daily and nurture our lusciously, lovely, creative, beautiful, amazing, exciting, selves!
All will be communicated and held accountable through the facebook group, emails, and fb lives…skywriting in rainbow colors is also available !
I will be contacting you daily with inspirations , extra soul credit, and check-ins!
Here is the spiritual lowdown, high-down, sideways-down, upside-down, and diagonal-down!! Psst don’t worry I will give instruction each day!!!
1. Initial mini intuitive readings and ongoing messages as they come along!
2. You will each day experience stillness at least 30 minutes and beyond! I will include a guided meditation on the fb group!
3. Creation of your very own Soul Book for you to play, cry, laugh and growl in daily!
4. A date each week with nature…this is flexible and can be done as much as you want, but at least once a day or I will find you and bring you with me on magical hikes through the forbidden forest! I've only had one close call with an obnoxious ogre and cranky witch!
5. Deep proper breathing many many many times…and more!
6. Intuitive body movement (at least 15 minutes a day)
7. Conscious eating/drinking with at least one green smoothie a day(instructions, meditative prayer and recipes shared in group)
8. Distance energy session with ME each day, and if you count this as your stillness activity, I wont let you slide, unless it is down a slippery hill into a big pile of Fall leaves singing Kumbaya all the way!!
9. Daily gratitude and forgiving exercises….can be done while sipping miracle mint tea and nibbling  cranberry crumpets!
10. And when completed, a Soul Camp certificate of Love for you to display near your other Spectacular Soul creations! !
Open to ages 16 to Adult!!

Spirit Tree Wellness