Spirit Tree Wellness

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A healing community supporting mental health and releasing stigma through education, compassion, and grace. We provide Packages of Hope for families struggling with the challenges of mental illness and support on how to create a healthy healing environment in your home. The package will include resources on support groups, residential facilities, gentle noninvasive alternative therapies, mental health practitioners, essential oils to support brain function and emotional well being, an essential oil diffuser, information on implementing a healing garden, nutritional support, and more. We also provide a safe place to share our experiences with thought disorders, including and not limited to…schizophrenia, bipolar, depression,anxiety disorders, eating disorders, Autism, Alzheimers, PTSD, Brain injury, and any illness that effects the thought processes. We will voice our struggles, our lessons, and our successes with grace, dignity, and love. It will evolve into one voice that will carry throughout the Universe and create a miraculous chain of healing! Let us reintroduce ourselves to the forgotten ones in our society…welcome them home again and embrace them into a healing atmosphere of love. ♥

DISCLAIMER: All information shared is for educational purposes and not meant to replace any proper medical or therapeutic treatment/advice.

Mindfull of Love Project