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Victoria is a Spiritual Being walking firmly on this beautiful earth sharing a soul friendship within herself and everything that is connected to it...the All that is Love! She has been blessed to come into this human space remembering her Spirit and Soul Home.

She lives in beautiful New England and has 3 children Michael,Joseph, and Isabella. She has been a Spiritual Teacher for most of her 55 years of life with certifications in Energy Therapy (Usui Reiki and Quantum Touch) and Aroma Touch Technique. She is the Creator of the children’s mindfulness and empowerment class series called...Embrace your W.E.I.R.D. Self! She is also a Motivational Speaker, Intuitive, Founder of the Mind-full of Love Project, a Master Gardener, a Wellness Advocate with DOterra Essential Oils, and a Visionary. With a Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing, she is currently working on writings of the Spirit.

It is through her unfolding story on earth and the essence of her soul that she has come to a place of deep self-love...sharing a heart-centered soul-guided service to adults and children  of all ages.

When sharing healing with others whether it be spiritual guidance, energy work, or playshops, Victoria asks the All that is God to be present in Love, Light, and Healing for the Highest and Greatest Good of the soul.

"I will continue to nurture and share these Gifts through daily Meditations and Prayers...asking God to give me the "eyes" to see, the "ears" to listen, the "heart" to love and the "spirit" to know." 


Spirit Tree Wellness